Demos & Apps

  • LOD Profiling:  provides an explorative way to browse and search through existing datasets in the entire Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud according to the topics which are covered. By deploying entity recognition, sampling and ranking techniques, the demo allows to find datasets providing data for a given set of topics or to discover datasets covering similar fields. Capturing the evolution of such topic profiles is part of our ongoing work.
  • SPARQLES (SPARQL Endpoint Status) is a SPARQL Endpoints monitoring tool. SPARQLES can be deployed to monitor the availability, performance, interoperability and discoverability of a set of SPARQL Endpoints. is one particular instance which monitors all SPARQL Endpoints registered in
  • Linked Education Cloud Dataset explorer: is an application which breaks down the generated dataset profiles (see LOD Profiling) into resource type specific profiles, by using the inherent hierarchical structure from the source ontologies i.e.bibo:Article being a sub-type of foaf:Document.