Here, we aim at gathering vocabularies and schemas which help to describe meta information about Web datasets, what may include general metadata as well as information about their endpoints, coverage, licensing conditions or links with other datasets.

  • VoID – the Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets provides a general RDF schema for representing meta-information about datasets and has been widely supported through registries such as the DataHub. ┬áSee here for full specs and descriptions.
  • Linked Data Rights vocabulary provides┬áthe vocabulary for creating rights expressions for Linked Data resources.
  • VoL – the Vocabulary of Links provides a vocabulary for representing information about the semantics of links between datasets (or entities) beyond simple owl:sameAs or rdfs:seeAlso statements. It is particularly intended to capture the output of automated linking techniques, where additional information about the degree of the relationship (score) or the used linking method needs to be captured.
  • DCAT – Data Catalog Vocabulary provides a vocabulary aimed at improving interoperability between data catalogs by offering a general schema for describing datasets.