LAK Data Challenge 2013

The LAK Dataset provides access to structured metadata from research publications in the field of learning analytics.

Beyond merely publishing the data, we are actively encouraging its innovative use and exploitation as part of a public LAK Data Challenge sponsored by the European Project LinkedUp, co-located with the ACM LAK13 Conference, Leuven, Belgium (April 2013).

Challenge objectives

What do analytics on learning analytics tell us? How can we make sense of this emerging field’s historical roots, current state, and future trends, based on how its members report and debate their research?

Challenge submissions should exploit the LAK Dataset for a meaningful purpose. This may include submissions which cover one or more of the following, non-exclusive list of topics:

  • Analysis & assessment of the emerging LAK community in terms of topics, people, citations or connections with other fields
  • Innovative applications to explore, navigate and visualise the dataset (and/or its correlation with other datasets)
  • Usage of the dataset as part of recommender systems


There was a very good response to the LAK Data Challenge – the set of submissions to the LAK13 Data Challenge is now published.

But from these, the following are declared the winners – congratulations!

1. Linked Data based applications for Learning Analytics Research: 
faceted searches, enriched contexts, graph browsing and dynamic graphic 
visualisation of data. Ricardo Alonso Maturana, María Elena Alvarado,
Susana López-Sola, María José Ibáñez, Lorena Ruiz Elósegui (paper #3,

2. Cite4Me: Semantic Retrieval and Analysis of Scientific Publications.
Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Besnik Fetahu, Marco Antonio Casanova (paper #6,

3. Ontology Learning to Analyze Research Trends in Learning Analytics 
Publications. Amal Zouaq, Srećko Joksimović, Dragan Gašević (paper #8,

Submission format

Each submission should be accompanied by a 2-4 page paper (ACM format) that contains at least:

  • an abstract of the submission
  • motivation: which purposes does your system or dataset serve?
  • description of your dataset (e.g. if the LAK data is combined with other datasets), system or demo
  • a link to your dataset and/or system or demo

EasyChair submission form


There will be a light review by members of the challenge committee to pre-select submissions for presentation. During the LAK conference and based on the presentations, the challenge winner(s) will be identified based on votes by the audience and the committee.

Publication, Presentation and Awards

Accepted submissions will be published in online proceedings and presented during an interactive session at the LAK 2013 conference in Leuven, Belgium. In addition, it is intended to feed successful submissions into additional challenges related to the LinkedUp project to support entries to further expand their work as part of the LinkedUp activities. This will also provide opportunities to present your work to a wider audience in the context of LinkedUp. There will be awards for the winning submissions with very cool prizes!…

1st prize: Apple iPad 4 64GB Wi-Fi
2nd prize: Apple iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi
3rd prize: Apple iPod touch 4 16 GB

Important dates

December 12, 2012: Publication of the challenge
February 8 22, 2013: Challenge submission deadline EXTENDED
March 1, 2013: Notification of acceptance EXTENDED
April 8-12, 2013: LAK 2013 conference

 Challenge Committee

Mathieu D’Aquin (The Open University, United Kingdom)
Stefan Dietze (L3S Research Center, Germany)
Hendrik Drachsler (Open Universiteit Nederland, Netherlands)
Eelco Herder (L3S Research Center, Germany)
Davide Taibi (Institute for Educational Technologies CNR, Italy)